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Just a small selectionof reviews for ya!

           For an Album review from Superb  MMH - The Home Of ROCK!

       For an Album review from the brilliant Pulse-Alternative magazine 

                      For a LIVE  Review of our gig with Vain                                                                           @ The Tivoli 14/09/19                                 

           For an Album review from the AWESOME PLANET MOSH

           For an Album review from the brilliant Rock Media magazine 

                                        For a live review of Shyyne   

SHYYNE are a well loved and well supported  band and the enigmatic Toni Gale almost steals the show in any line up. Sleaze driven 80’s feeling glam rock with some added attitude, Gale is such a performer. If he isn’t singing, he’s playing up to the crowd and it almost distracts you from the fact the songs like ‘Shut Up’, which they open with, are really strong. The guitar riffs from Mark Wilkins are outstanding and Matt on bass is a comfortable, solid player, keeping the rhythm ticking along with Bev on drums both providing the power. There were new tunes from their soon to be released new album and some crowd favourites. I could watch these guys all night but alas, we had to move on.

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