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So Who are Shyyne?               Biog.

The incredible, enigmatic, bundle of musical fun Shyyne are a 4-piece 80’s style SleazeMetal band from Wolverhampton in England. They were formed in 2015 by Toni Gale the ex-Surrender and Rezist frontman and Mark Wilkins the ex-guitarist of Roulette, and these guys fed up with there not being any 80’s style “Sunset Strip” Glam or Sleaze bands to enjoy decided to do something about it, mainly for their own enjoyment and indeed sanity, and thus Shyyne were born.
The first songs to be written included "Shyyne On" and Can't Sleep and the first song they ever performed live, a powerful ballad called "If I Could" These are the 3 songs which featured on their first recording, an EP entitled "If I Could" which was recorded by Mark Stuart of Magnum heritage and which became a critical success, making waves in the underground 80's Glam Metal movement... Quickly the band became a crowd favourite, mainly due to the high energy of their performances but also because Shyyne insisted in staying true to their 80's roots, a kind of "Old Skool" 80's Sunset Strip Punk Rock/Glam SleazeMetal sound, a veritable oasis in a sea of "New Rock" clones. 
The band moved inexorably upwards concentrating on their energetic live shows and gained supports with L A Guns, Love/Hate, Tigertailz, Molly Hatchet and Y&T on 2 of their tours. Late 2017 saw a crucial line up change, Matt Freeman asked to join Shyyne as Bass guitarist and was immediately taken on and Richie “Bev” Bevan, one of the most dynamic drummers in the Midlands, was hunted down to complete the new line up. This literally transformed the band into the Shyyne you see today.
Shyyne are often described as a band with a lot of laughter. The ethos of the band is to not only to have as much fun as it is possible to have (legally) whilst being completely and totally serious about their music and brilliant live shows BUT to GIVE as much fun to an audience as is possible. This band have humour running thru their veins and it is this happy, fun-loving 80’s style vibe that drives the band.
See Shyyne live and the band INSIST you to leave the gig with a massive smile on your faces and you can not be anything but wholly entertained by their catchy sing out loud 1980’s Sunset strip style SleazeMetal with an essence of Hair metal and a huge dollop of Glam metal all mixed together. And let me tell you this band achieve that ethos in spades. Their live shows are renowned for an energy-packed, laughter packed, good time inducing, fun fest of original 80’s classic SleazeMetal.
Musically the band make no apologies for being hugely inspired by bands of the 80’s era such as RATT, Faster Pussycat, Vain & Shotgun Messiah (Toni’s favourite bands) Van Halen, La Guns, Poison, Motley Crue, Faster Pussycat, Dokken the guitarist Mark Wilkins being a particular aficionado of The Lynch Mob, Skid Row and Queensryche.
Shyyne rapidly began to attract a following and to date this has continued, they have built up a large, very vocal and hugely faithful following across the UK, being invited to play ever bigger shows with main supports with the LEGENDS such as Vain, Faster Pusseycat, LA Guns, Y & T, The Lynch Mob, Love/Hate,  Headlining their first shows in 2019 but still popping up on the same line up as Molly Hatchet, Toseland, Vega, making a whole lot of new friends, including the genius that is George Lynch himself, Davy Vain, the Vega guys and a whole lot more, infact almost all of the bands they support and play with compliment Shyyne on their down to earth, friendly, positive professionalism.
2019 Saw Shyyne sign to WDFD Records and begin the recording of their new album entitled ‘Go your Own Way’ This album was released on the 4th April 2020 and immediately gained RAVE reviews and a certain amount of Critical acclaim, you can see the reviews on the following pages.
Quite simple Shyyne are a band unashamedly rooted to the 80's Sunset Strip genre, a brilliant relief from the myriad of Clone new Metal bands, they offer you a fun laced, high energy, incredibly cool alternative to the straight laced seriousness of modern Rock and take you back to an era when literally everything was FUN.
This band Shyyne like the Sun and Glitter like the stars, and that is no bad thing!
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And here is what Someone else says about Shyyne!

We were kindly given permission to reproduce what one of the finest Rock journalists around said about us when after she flew in to the UK and caught one of our shows.

"Shyyne..Yea you guys Shyyne!

And boy did you?

Shyyne are the UK's own LA Strip, 80’s Sleaze Metal band.

So - Think of Shyyne as one whole day living in the best 80's Metal sounds...

Sounds hookie? So let me explain!

Ok, spend a night in RATT,  the morning spent chillin' in Faster Pusseycat, Lunch in Shotgun Messiah then an afternoon Jack Daniels at the bar in Poison/Crue, a couple of shots of Skid Row then spend the evening air guitaring like a Lynch Mob and Dokkken and then bed down totally worn out but equally totally exuberated for the night in Van Halen, still with me??

Well, You just spent your day with the incredible Shyyne!

This is the sound this band achieve and they make no apologies for doing so!! Unashamedly an 80’s sound but aaah, acheived so very 21st century and superbly so!!
Performing their bouncy but razor sharp brand of original new 80's Metal anthems in an energetic and entertainingly lighthearted way this band have hard rocked and very hard rolled thru the UK with a number of brilliant shows, supporting various mainstream named bands, tearing up stages across the UK, far and wide and then back to their hometown stage at the Robin 2.. Wolverhampton and attracting huge critical acclaim along their travels.

 SHYYNE, a 4 piece, were formed in late 2015 in somewhere called the Black Country in the heart of England UK. by ex-Rezist/Surrender and highly enigmatic frontman Toni Gale and the superb shredder of an incredible guitarist Mark Wilkins formerly of Roulette....... then in 2017 they were joined on drums by the Smiley diminutive Powerhouse of a Drummer.. known as erm.. BEV Bevan and the highly accomplished Bass of the brilliant Matt Freeman..

Fresh from their acclaimed support slots including Vain, LA Guns, Faster Pusseycat, The Lynch Mob, Enuffs E’nuff, Love/Hate, Toseland, Molly Hatchet, Tygertailz, Moonkings and the mighty Y&T no less and backed up with their brilliantly received debut EP “If I could”,   Underground hit debut album "Worlds Gone Crazy" and now finally followed with the NEW single "Go your own way " released in Nov 2019 which is from their second and BRILLIANT album also entitled "Go your own way" (iTunes/Spotify/Amazon)  which is set for release in April 2020, their first release with their new record label  WDFD Records Ltd , well fresh from all of that you gotta say that SHYYNE are on a meteoric rise into your conciousness and right into the hearts of true 80’s Sl.eazeMetal GlamMetal and Hair metal fans the whole world over.

Just YOU See them live, as soon as you possibly can. Because y'know, we have for far too long missed out on that good time feeling we all had in the eighties when Sleazy Hardrock and Glam metal was just that.

Aaaah Shoot BUT this band have GOT IT, they have it all, and they got lots of it! And they're British!!!
And as I said Shyyne you guys, AND THEY Do very brightly indeed !! "

With kind reproduction.  © Bambam C2017  USA News. SleazePleaz. The LA Times.
Edited 2019

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