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Shyyne EPK


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Origin:  Wolverhampton, UK


Genres:  SleazeMetal/Glam Metal


Years Active:  2015- Present


Label:  WDFD Records Ltd


Shyyne are:

Toni Gale .. Vocals and keyboards.

Mark Wilkins: All Guitars and backing vocals.

Matt Freeman: Bass and backing vocals.

Richie Bev Bevan: Drums and percussion.

Short BIO

"Shyyne are A band full of incredible guitar riffs, with classy memorable melodies wrapped serpent like around their songs, BIG chorus which plant themselves in your psyche like giant Redwood forests for days, if not weeks, growing ever upward vertiginously into the starry sky, where they quite literally Shyyne like the brightest constellation ever discovered.

Catchy to the extreme, unforgettably lyrically licentious, infinitely luxurious 80's metal anthems vocally fine tuned for your 21st century ears and creatively correlated with raw, intricate, shredded meteorite million mile per hour maelstrom guitar solo's perceptively piercing their Sleazy metal creations into your senses, whilst a massive backdrop, a gargantuan canvas of Sunset strip power house drums and medically incised precision bass riffs - pound and stampede thru the far reaches of their song scenescapes entwining themselves around the guitars and vocals and ultimately resulting in masterpieces of monumental metal music magnus opus.

Demonstrably deified Gods of 80's style metal, Shyyne are brilliantly packaged, beautifully constructed masters of SleazeMetal, a band at the top of their hugely interesting and still relevant retro genre. One of the best live bands on the scene today, and they are battering thru a maelstrom sea of new metal mediocrity like a tormentous torpedo of love"

And there you have it..... Obviously we totally agree!

Described by many people as a SleazeMetal band, they also say Shyyne are a high energy, dynamic, happy, fun, bouncy 80's Style Old skool Punk metal band which mixes SleazeMetal with Dollops of Glam and Hair Metal. They like to say.. that they think we sound like Ratt,  Faster Pusseycat,  Dokken,  Skid Row,  Motley Crue,  Poison and yep we are quite ok with that. We figure they are pretty much on the right track.

The music press will tell you Shyyne are all about massive Riffs, Melodies and Chorus, Shredded guitars and low down Sleazy vocals, and that we have successfully taken the 80's style vibe kicking and screaming into the 2020's with our brilliant, fun, visually superb, stage craft and incredible live shows, rightly gaining a very loyal fanbase and a massive reputation for one of the most dynamic and fun new stage acts currently around today, and yep, we are fine with that.

And one of two music reporters have stated that Indeed Shyyne are the complete antithesis of the glut of staid "new Metal" clone bands currently on the circuits.

And yes indeed, we totally agree with that too!....

The top and the bottom of it...

We ARE all of the above but lets get one thing straight.

We ain't trying to reinvent the wheel here, we are not about breaking new ground, we don't do Angst and doom, we aren't interested in new fads, trying to be cool, moving with the times man, screw the 21st century...

Nope ... But what we are all about is that awesome 80's vibe. Big Guitar riffs, even bigger chorus, good time songs, shows that you can dance to,  shows that are fun, BIG hair, Eyeliner, Sunset Strip in the 80's, Party time, Party all nite n' sleep all day, Laughing, Loving and bringing happiness to every soul that crosses our path. Our music is about relief and our band is about FUN.

We were brought up on and we love.. 80's style Sunset strip glam/hair and sleaze metal... it's what we wanna do and it's what we are gonna do and the rest of you, quite frankly, be damned!

We write songs which we wanna play, we wanna hear, we want to keep our genre alive, it's who we are, this is not a job, it's a PASSION and  it's our lifestyle!.

We KNOW we are not on our own and we know that there is one hell of a market for what we do still cos we've seen it, we have a great following, so for us it's a privilege and an honour to be able to write and perform the music we love. But even though we are old skool rebels, Shyyne are professional and respectful, we are serious about what we do and how we do it. We LOVE what we do and everybody we do it with from venues to other bands to our audiences. 

We aren't doing this cos we wanna earn bucks, or be famous etc etc, nope. Shyyne exists because it has to, we simple have to get it out, perform our songs, tear up YOUR stage and have a WHOLE load of fun.... Thanks lots for being here to read this. Hope you enjoy.x

Latest VIDEO

 Label:                  WDFD Records Ltd.  Keith Lamley  




 Management:   Ruth Cope  e-mail:                          

 Booking:             Please email                                   

 PR:                        BJF Media PR / Judith Fisher /





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