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So Wanna meet Shyyne, Sure you do!

This is Toni Gale, Singer, frontman extraordinaire, the man who writes the words and melodies, the driving force in Shyyne. An absolute bundle of energy onstage, complete and total Nutter who consumes an extraordinary amount  of Jack Daniels.

toni and Bev of Shyyne - Copy.jpg

This is Mark Wilkins.

Lead & Rythym guitarist (at the same time!) The most awesome shredder, he writes all of the riffs, all of the guitar parts, he sings backing vocals. The coolest  most bonkerist guitar player you will have ever seen!

This is Mr Matt Freeman, Bass guitarist, ultra musician, Sings Backing Vocals and handles all of the Bass guitar duties brilliantly. This is the lovely dude who drinks all of us under the table!

And finally this is Mr Bev Bevan.

Our Incredible drummer. This brilliant man takes care of all our percussionary needs.

He is absolutely Bonkers, He really is soooo funny. Shyyne's MAD drummer and they love him millions!

            We are lucky to have had some brilliant photographers take our pics when we are live. 

          Much thanks to Kats Photography. Flaming Pint photography, Swilleys Photography and

       BillibeeCreative for these awesome pics and for letting us use them on this site. Much love. x

            Our Manager is Ruth Cope.

Our record company is WDFD Records Ltd        Click Here  to                  contact them.

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