Are playing Live ..

Giff Fest 2017n all day Rock Festival .  We got a great slot- 5pm . Starts at 12 Noon .. @ The Giffard. Wolverhampton...


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​LOCKSTOCK Festival 2017​​ 

​All About Shyyne

​​Shyyne are on with SKAM @ The Station in Cannock..

​​Shyyne are on with  VEGA and Gin Annie @ The Robin 2 in Bilston.. An awesome line up.. !


​ Shyyne.


STOP PRESS 1*** The Shyyne new Single "Shut Up" Released 20th Aug 2017, Hear it now on a Rock Radio station near you or on our Facebook pages!  **** BUY NOW from  Shyyne.bandcamp.com ****

​​Shyyne are Special guests with SyccoDolls @ The Giffard, Wolverhampton. We got a full hour long set with all of our new album stuff to preview.


​​​ The Official Website Of Shyyne, the Uk's Premier original 80's style Sleaze Hardrock band.

​Shyyne are an Old Skool 80's style Sleaze hardrock band, writing and performing their own material with a sound incorporating all which we think was awesome about hardrock in the 80's. Unashamedly Hard rockin' with elements of Hairmetal, Glam metal and a whole lot of Sleaze. Shyyne make NO apologies for being heavily influenced by Bands such as Ratt ... Faster Pusseycat... Van Halen... Motley Crue... LA Guns... Poison... Kix... Hmm we could go on, but we figure you'll have the general idea by now. These are our favourite bands.... this is the music we LOVE.... This is the style & sound we wanted to achieve.... and this is exactly what WE want to do.

​Shyyne is a serious, semi Pro, hardworking and accomplished band which over the last 3 years has built up, very thankfully, a great and loyal following whom we love to bits, every single one of you..

Shyyne is a band which writes and performs our own songs for one reason and ONE reason only...... Because we seriously love doing it, We love writing, we LOVE playing live, and because we can! We are incredibly fortunate to be in this position, we haven't got to chase the contract, we don't need to be famous... we've been there and done that!  We ain't looking for a free ride... Stardom... Notoriety... to be Millionaires or any of that shit.. Nope, we do this thing because we LOVE doing it.

​And y'know what.... it's kinda awesome that a lot of you folk like us doing it too!

​SO.. Welcome to our lil ole website .... Find out a lil bit more about us, Have a look at  some of what we do,  Go to our Facebook page where all of the up to date stuff goes on at www.facebook.com/SHYNE.WV1  or click the facebook doodah below, Oh and PLEASE give it a like while you are there!! Have a listen @ www.reverbnation.com/Shyyne, watch the Vid over @ www.facebook.com/SHYNE.WV1, come and see us live,  and then if you are still with us, Buy our Album "Worlds Gone Crazy" from  ITunes, Amazon, CDbaby or download the sucker from Spotify.

​Cheers loads!

Shyyne are on with Daylight Robbery @ Route 44 Birmingham.