Shyyne was formed in 2013 by Mark Wilkins the former "Roulette" guitarist and Toni Gale former ""Surrender" and "Resist" frontman.

​Fed up with not being able to hear their fave 80's style of Hardrock, they decided to do something about it.. They wrote a bunch of songs and recruited a suitable bassman and drummer and took the show out onto the road.. The drummer and Bass player were later replaced and Shyyne proceeded to support bands such as Molly Hatchet, Y&T, Tigertailz, Toseland, Love/Hate, Enuff Z'Nuff, Moonkings.... In 2016 Shyyne recorded a self funded album, produced by Andy Mills , which even though recorded on an impossibly small budget has received critical acclaim and some great reviews, voted in the top 150 Rock albums in Argentina,, apparently one of the top 100 new Hardrock albums in Germany, 22nd best new unsigned Hardrock act in the Netherlands. Klma Radio best new play in North America. And played on radio stations all over this here world, as far as Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, South America, North America and Canada.

​2016 has seen yet more shows, more supports, LA Guns and  soon Bonfire to name but 2, Autumn 2016 has seen a time out in which Shyyne have recruited a new drummer and also written brand new songs with more in the pipeline in readiness for their 2nd album scheduled for recording at some point in 2017.. So thanks to you all for that. Awesome!!

Shyyne are:

​Toni Gale:       Vocals... .

​Mark Wilkins:    All guitars.

Matt Freeman:    Bass.

​Bev Bevan:      Drums              

 Nigel Poole:   Well he does our  Stage, Sound  and Tech.

About the Band